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Week of October 6th, 2019

Pray continually for God’s peace and justice in a part of the country where horrific injustices and loss of life have occurred. The root causes of the unrest have not been addressed, which could mean further conflict is ahead. Ask God to pour out His Spirit on all involved and to miraculously intervene in this situation. Pray too for Alliance workers there to be agents of reconciliation and peace.

Worst drought in North Korea has seen in almost 40 years
In February, the country decreased already-reduced food rations, and in early September, a typhoon made the situation even worse, destroying crops and farmland. It’s estimated that half of North Korea’s population is currently in need; 41 percent are malnourished.

During this reality, our brothers and sisters in North Korea are preaching Jesus in unexpected ways. Secret believers tell us that hungry Christian families are setting aside their food and sharing it with those who are in even greater need. And their compassion is building trust and offering unique opportunities to share the gospel.

Wednesday night, October 9th from 7:00pm to 8:00pm – Please join us for this special time of prayer for our church and world

English Worship Service begins at 10:45 am every Sunday. Please be on time. Kids Praise Ministry continues to serve. Please be praying with us for these new changes.