Recent Announcement

Week of February 16th, 2020

Please continue to pray for those in parts of the world where the Wuhan coronavirus remains a threat. Alliance leaders have been carefully monitoring the situation with any international workers who may be in at-risk areas and are prepared to take any actions to keep them safe, including temporary relocation if necessary

West Africa
Intercede for a West African country experiencing violent civil unrest that has killed more than 30 people. Pray for a spirit of reconciliation between various groups and an attitude of mutual understanding as they air their grievances. Pray that government and opposition leaders alike will put the nation’s welfare above personal gain, power, and prestige.

Peruvian international workers Juan and Patty Zúñiga have important meetings this week with the pastoral team of Life and Family Alliance, a multisite church, as well as the board of the national church network. Intercede especially for Patty, who may be dealing with jet lag after attending the IGNITE gathering of the College of Prayer in the United States. May God give them physical and emotional strength for the key roles they play in the Alliance family in Spain.


The violence against Christians in Nigeria is quite frankly astonishing.

Boko Haram – the deadly Islamic militia pledged to ISIS – just killed a Christian pastor who was recently seen in a hostage video telling the world: “Don’t cry. Don’t worry. But thank God for everything.” His faith is humbling. This atrocity is infuriating. In the same week, jihadists attacked a Nigerian village and murdered two teenage Christian girls. Pray for God to intervene and you can also help to speak up for them through the ACLJ website.

Dr Friest will be speaker for the Caring and Counseling seminar (in Chinese) on Feb 21 – 23. See poster for details. He will give a English Sunday school session on Feb 21 at 10am and will give sermon on Feb 21.

2020 budget was approved on Jan 19 by church members except for 2 items: Bible teaching ministry ($24000) and audio/visual equipment update ($40000). General Membership meeting will be held on Feb 23 to approve these 2 items. The 2020 budget and 2019 actual expense are posted outside the sanctuary.

BAPTISM – Joshua and Theodore will be baptized today along with several sisters from the Chinese congregation. Thank the Lord! Please continue to pray for them.

Wednesday night, February 26th from 7:00pm to 8:00pm – Please join us for this special time of prayer for our church and world

English Worship Service begins at 10:45 am every Sunday. Please be on time. Kids Praise Ministry continues to serve. Please be praying with us for these new changes.